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4 Podcasts I’m Listening To Right Now

Podcasting by William Iven

I’ll admit, I’m a little late to the podcast party.

Sure, I’ve listened to them before and on occasion, I’ve followed a show or two. But as I’m working, writing, or getting ready in the morning, I find myself wanting to listen to something other than news. Let’s face it – the news right now is anxiety-inducing enough.

I still read and listen to the news, but now I temper my listening with more music and podcasts. I find it keeps me a bit more balanced and focused. Plus, it gives me ideas.

Lately, I’ve felt a bit “stuck” creatively and I’ve been looking for things to loosen my brain up so that it can think through challenges effectively. So far, it’s working – the gears are – slowly – starting to turn again.

As for what I’m listening to right now, let’s take a peek :)

The Minimalists

I’ve read blog posts from The Minimalists and I admire their message. They’re absolutely right: we need to do more with less and focus our energies on what really serves us (hint: it’s not stuff). Earlier this week, I started listening to The Minimalists podcast after a recommendation from my friend Sam (who has a super cool dinosaur blog of his own).  I like how they keep things light in their discussion of some really big issues. And the Q&A they do is also pretty great. If you’re looking for insightful discussion on minimalism and simplifying your life, this is a great one to tune into.

Adulthood Made Easy

I first found this podcast while scrolling through Spotify of all things. As a Real Simple reader who appreciates their rounded approach to content, I was excited to see that their podcast mirrored that same style.

Dealing with difficult people, relationships, happiness, smarter consumption, learning new things, and practical living tips are just a few of the topics tackled. I loved the soup episode as much as I loved the one about wanderlust.

Suddenly, getting your house in order seems a lot more attainable.

Fresh Air

Public radio is awesome. I don’t care if it makes people think I’m 80 years old, but I freaking love it. I listen to NPR in the car all the time and I love the programming they put together.

One of those items I get to tune in to on my ride home on occasion is Fresh Air with Terry Gross. Her interviews with celebrities, politicians, changemakers, and innovators are always interesting. I’ve laughed, cried, gotten angry – you FEEL when you listen to these interviews.

Now, I don’t have to wait until my commute to tune in – I can catch it on Stitcher.

TecBridge Radio

Disclaimer: I’m an active supporter of TecBridge and a member of their marketing committee. When TecBridge Radio launched its first episode, I knew it was the start of something big. In only a few short weeks, this podcast and radio show has grown into an insightful discussion on matters that concern making our region a better place.

Economic growth, education, business, and entrepreneurship get tackled in a dynamic Q&A session. The big idea? Why not us, why not here, and why not now. Good stuff happens in NEPA <3

What are you listening to right now?

Creative Non-Fiction

Over the summer, Brent and I took a creative non-fiction writing workshop. It was awesome.

Not only was it taught by one of my dear friends and colleagues, but it was also an opportunity for me to write consistently and explore a style that I haven’t really played with before.

Being a blogger is sort of like creative non-fiction, I guess. It’s a lot of reflection and storytelling elements get used to talk about thoughts or feelings or events. But there’s an all at once delicate and powerful ZING to it that’s like nothing else.

Each week, we’d be given a prompt to write about. Then, in one page or two, we were to tell our story. I wrote a lot about my childhood, about important moments in my life. Some of my stories were sad. Some were happy. But they were all my moments and getting to share them with others in a writing workshop was such an intimate experience. It was thrilling and therapeutic. And I loved hearing everyone’s stories each week, too!

I’ve been toying with the idea of using this blog as a platform to share some of those pieces of writing – and maybe make some more! Eventually, I’d love to submit something somewhere and get it published. Seeing a byline in print still thrills me and it gives me those little gold stars that I try to tally up in my head when I accomplish something (Type A, much?).

No matter where it appears, I still smile and give my 16 year-old self a big hug when I see my name on a piece of work.

See that, Young and Naive Mandy Who Still Wants to Go To NYU and Live In the Village? You can write and not have to live in New York and have all of that school debt.

Ah, well. I guess I should make her proud and just keep doing it already. It’s one thing to talk about it, er, blog about it. But it’s another to do it. So, let’s give it a whirl. I’ll write some stuff and share it here. Could be fun!

Holy Moly. I’m over on!

I’m knee deep in BlogCon planning (more on that later), but in the meantime, I’m super thrilled to be featured this week in The Electric City/Diamond City/

Finally, I’ve fulfilled my innermost desires to be a librarian for a day (the photos with the piece were done in Marywood’s library – such a cool setting). Any opportunity to chill out with books is a welcome one!

Take a peek:

HOLY WHOA. I haven’t posted in awhile.

In the midst of moving, adulting, working on NEPA BlogCon and The Vintage Advisory Board, teaching, and host of other things, I forgot about you, Bloggy McBloggerson.

Photo By: Victoria Park

I’m so, so sorry.

Well, only kind of. I’m happy that while I was away from you, I was out living, doing great things, and really putting some of my new years resolutions to work.

But, I didn’t take the time to share. Or to hold myself accountable by hitting publish.

And for that, I really truly am sorry.

Because I missed you. I know, I know. You’re upset and feel neglected. I don’t blame you, I would feel that way too.

Let me make it up to you.

The 102 Things I Love

Gini Dietrich posted this on Spin Sucks earlier this week and I was intrigued. I love the idea of taking a few moments to be grateful for all of the things you enjoy, so, I’m going to give it a try.

This post is based on Judy Dunn’s “Can You Name 99 Things You Love in 10 Minutes“?

Setting my timer for 10 minutes – and….go!

  1. Brent, my Mister-to-Be!
  2. Annie
  3. My loving parents – my rocks. 
  4. My sister, Brianna, who is just a firecracker
  5. A job I enjoy
  6. The opportunity to teach
  7. NEPA BlogCon and the Fearsome Foursome
  8. Serving on The Vintage Board
  9. Cooking
  10. Getting the chance to act again as part of The Vintage
  11. Writing
  12. Citrus fruit
  13. Warm blankets
  14. A fantastic group of cousins who are like my brothers and sisters
  15. Being able to turn big ideas into reality with the help of some great people in our community, like TecBridge
  16. Toasted rolls for breakfast
  17. Air conditioning
  18. Wrinkle-free, clean clothes
  19. Green juice
  20. My cast iron dutch oven
  21. Getting letters or surprises in the mail
  22. My aunts and uncles
  23. Having had 25 years with my grandparents and 17 years with my great-grandparents
  24. My Samsung Galaxy SIII
  25. My iPad
  26. My laptop
  27. Our wall of art in our living room
  28. IKEA
  29. Target
  30. my running shoes
  31. Movies
  32. Reading
  33. Libraries
  34. Cafes
  35. The Office
  36. Parks and Recreation
  37. Mad Men
  38. 30 Rock
  39. Tina Fey
  40. Amy Poehler
  41. Reading the work of inspired people
  42. Malcolm Gladwell’s books
  43. Chocolate
  44. Popcorn
  45. Warm beverages
  46. Hard cider
  47. My face moisturizer that I use every day
  48. Fanciful Fox Soaps
  49. Little sample size bottles of fragrance
  50. Autumn leaves
  51. Pumpkin everything during the fall
  52. Macintosh apples
  53. Bacon
  54. Taking hot showers
  55. Waking up and feeling energized
  56. Massages
  57. Yoga
  58. Yoga pants
  59. Warm sweaters
  60. Boots
  61. My American Eagle jeans
  62. YouTube
  63. Sea salt
  64. A clean house
  65. Cuddling
  66. The Neverending Thread
  67. Social media
  68. Going to theater performances
  69. Music
  70. The sound of church bells
  71. Spotify
  72. Twitter
  73. Facebook
  74. Really good software or apps that make life easier
  76. Pinterest
  77. Thrift stores and flea markets
  78. Alexandra Franzen’s blog
  79. New notebooks that haven’t been written in
  80. Typewriters
  81. Old books
  82. Performing random acts of kindness
  83. Going to Wegman’s
  84. Trying new foods
  85. Candles
  86. Cardigans
  87. Really nicely scented rooms
  88. Cinnamon
  89. Jacket weather
  90. My leather jacket
  91. Comfortable shoes
  92. Making people happy
  93. Shopping local
  94. Our favorite restaurants
  95. The chance to make every day an adventure
  96. Having a support network of people I don’t know how I’d do without
  97. Old family photos
  98. Playing games during the holidays
  99. Belly laughs
  100. Mint
  101. Getting my hair washed when I get it cut
  102. Diner conversations

Whew! That was harder than I thought, but a lot of fun – there’s so much to be grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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