Mandy Boyle is a writer, marketer, and all-around nice girl with a passion for storytelling.

She’s the SEO Team Leader at Net Driven. If you have no idea what “SEO” means, it’s cool – she can tell you all about it.

When she’s not optimizing websites and making things search-friendly, she’s an active blogger. She slings posts in a few places, including Search Engine People, a search engine community blog. Guest writing is her thing, so if you’d like for her to write for you, send her a note! She’d love it!

She’s also a co-founder (with @mhryvnak, @darlingstewie, and @karla_porter) of Northeastern Pennsylvania’s only blogging and social media conference: NEPA BlogCon. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you most definitely should.

And, as if she doesn’t do enough already, she flexes her creative muscles as a member of The Vintage Theater Ensemble and generally flits about the NEPA community.

Performing Arts + Blogging + SEO + Nice Things + Continuous Self-Improvement = <3

She bakes a mean cupcake, loves high fives, and was one of the co-organizers of Pecha Kucha Night Scranton. She’s a past storytelling alumni from Scranton StorySlam. She resides in Scranton with her main squeeze and photographer extraordinare, Brent Pennington, and a talkative cat named AnnaBelle Leigh Boyle-Pennington. They’ll be tying the knot in 2015.

Also, she’s kind of a real life Liz Lemon. #nightcheese4life

More About Mandy Boyle

  • Sometimes she writes about herself in third person (see above and below).
  • She went on Chatroulette once. Never again.
  • She appreciates movie theaters, typewriters, and the smell of books.
  • She loves helping people.
  • She’s allergic to parsnips and egg yolks.
  • When she laughs hard, she sounds sort of like a goose.
  • She never paints her nails. Ever.
  • Three things she loves: Light breezes. Musical theater.  The Internet.
  • When she was 13, she wanted to become a pastry chef (She still cooks and bakes like a champion).
  • Also, here are some things about her that aren’t on her resume.


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