Creativity Tool: Story Starter

Story Starter

I don’t really do much with fiction writing, but on the occasion that I decide to dabble (or if I just want to get my creative juices flowing), I turn to my regular swipe file of things to write about.

But sometimes, I run out of ideas. Or maybe I want to try something different. That’s where Story Starter comes in.

Simple, effective, and outrageously fun to use, Story Starter is a tool that gives you a prompt that you can frame a scene or story around. Just a line to get you going, but that line is chock full of details that can spider outward into a work of art.

Also, if you’re looking for a good laugh, the prompts can be quite funny.

Go ahead, give it a whirl:




25 for 25 – How It Went


  1. Jeff

    Thanks for the link! It could make a fun short film challenge for me and my friends.

  2. This is great! So many options for inspiration. I’m actually doing something very similar specifically for writers who want to write more via prompts, it’s about to be released:

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