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10 Blog Posts You NEED to Read Today

I love to share. Sharing is one of my favorite things about the internet, especially in the world of social media. So, to kick off my birthday (yes, I’m 22 today), I’d love to give you 10 things that I think will make your day better. These gifts are blog posts by some of the most talented, forward-thinking people out there.

  1. “Minding the Gap” on by Tara Hunt
  2. “How to Suck at Facebook” on
  3. “Does Your Writing Suffer from Purple Prose” by Sherice Jacob on
  4. “How to Use a Semicolon” on (I’m afraid of this punctuation mark.)
  5. Any of the posts on The Middle Finger Project by Ashley Ambirge. (another post coming on this soon!)
  6. “50 Content Ideas that Create Buzz” by Valeria Maltoni on
  7. “Bloggers are Not Writers” by Rebecca Thorman on
  8. “The State of Social Media Around the World 2010″ by Brian Solis on
  9. “Crisis: Dealing with Negative Comments Online” by Gini Dietrich on
  10. “Festival of Ice” by Brent Pennington on

Enjoy the day!


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  1. Mandy,

    Happy Birthday! I love when people do research so I don’t have to. I have bookmarked this post for my 4-day weekend =).

    Be sure to eat cake…


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